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Moreover, this 15 Minute Manifestation Program comes at very affordable prices and some websites are also offering discounts along with 15 minute manifestation free download and 15 minute manifestation free audio download. The owner of the program also offers a 100% money back guarantee. When you have completed all the phases of the program and you are not satisfied with the results, then the management will refund the amount. However, this offer is valid for only 60 days.

If you’ve been manifesting money for a little while now but still don’t see any evidence that it’s working, don’t give up or feel dismayed. Stressing out about it will not make things come any faster…

The Bahá’í concept of the intermediary between God and humanity is expressed in the term Manifestation of God.[1] Bahá’ís believe in a single, imperishable God, the creator of all things, including all the creatures and forces in the universe.[4] Though inaccessible directly, God is nevertheless seen as conscious of his creation, with a mind, will and purpose. Bahá’ís believe that God expresses this will at all times and in many ways, including through a series of divine messengers referred to as Manifestations of God.[5] In expressing God’s intent, these Manifestations are seen to establish religion in the world.[1]

The next step is crucial to the manifestation process. In order to truly manifest your desires into form, you gotta chill out! A Course in Miracles teaches: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait anxiety.” Take this message with you and allow your faithfulness to guide you into the belief that what you desire is on the way. Also trust that the universe has a much better plan than you do. Though you are clear about what you want, you cannot control the timing or the form in which it comes. Stay calm, relax and trust that the universe has your back!

I will say the tracks are relaxing and you will find Theta level quite easily, if practiced, by using them. I cannot say whether you will miraculously get what you want after 7 days, after all, this isn’t magic. This is clearing your mind of negativity and replacing it with belief that what you want is already there. That’s Manifesting in a nutshell.

That would make sense Susan. My feelings were that, without the voiceover, the 15-minute manifestation program would be a much better product. Have you found the tracks to be what you expected? I may get my son (who’s a wizard with audio) take out the voice and give it another go.

And the fourth important principle in manifesting your desires is answering the following question. Do you deserve it, right?  First deserve, then desire is a famous proverb, and it is absolutely true.  In order for you to want something, have you done your part in making it happen?  Just sitting around desiring this or that is not really very fruitful, right?  So, pour yourself into something.  Do what is required for manifesting that passion, that desire, and if you put in the effort, you’ll notice a curious thing happened.  The results will flow on their own.  You really will not have to be results-focused.  You will be focused on doing your part, putting in your time, energy and effort, and the results will be granted by the universe all by itself.

LET GO:  Let go of your past inability to earn or receive money.  You’re starting new now and using one of the strongest forces in the Universe. When you let go, you’re trusting that things are working out, which keeps your vibration in line with receiving what you desire.

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If you have never used your intention to manifest money, you may have some conflicting beliefs as to whether this is even possible. Having conflicting beliefs will potentially block or considerably slow down your outcome.

This can be a bit of a tightrope act. Though you want to be realistic with the goals you’re setting yourself, you don’t want to be so unambitious that the goals fall short of what you actually desire. Goals that don’t push you out of your comfort zone are not going to give you a sense of satisfaction when you reach them. Set your sights just out of reach; that way, you’ll have to push the envelope to reach them.

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