“you create your reality 3 manifestations of god”

Thank you Jeanette for setting me up for play time with my wallet and bills. I think tomorrow I’m going to buy a bigger, more luxurious wallet so I can carry even more cash and have an easier time whipping out my credit cards.

To improve awareness, add a reverse number countdown to the breath. Start with a number like 27 or 54 or higher. e.g. On every inhale say mentally ,”I am breathing in 54” as you visualize the glow from the throat to the navel. On exhale say mentally ,”I am breathing out 54” as you visualize the glow from the navel to the throat. Then change 54 to 53,52,51 with every breath till you reach 1. If you miss the count go back to 54 and start again. Do not suppress any thoughts but only be aware of every breath you take.

The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is that I feel that the snippets say basically the same thing over and over, just worded differently. But, I read a few pages a day while I dry my hair in the mornings so that the message slowly “soaks in.” I love Esther and Abraham’s messages, really very genius and mostly right on with what I believe. This book is just one snippet per page with beautiful artistry on the background of each page. Not a sit down and read front to back book. Maybe one of those books where you just open up to a page whenever you see it/feel like it to get a message.

This 15-Minute Manifestation gets good rating from me. If you are interested in watching the free video that Eddie Sergey has created to explain how these brainwaves works in more detail then watch video below (opens in new window/tab).

Last night I looked at the stars and specifically requested for something to come to my life and take me out of the blue mood ASAP. I have an oncology check up appointment today, working on letting of some past family hurts, had a busy weekend… I guess it all ganged up on me… Your e-mail this morning is for me the answer/manifestation. Thank you Kris!

Now we come to the very important topic of desire manifestation. Now, you may ask, why have desires at all? Why not be desire-less and live a peaceful life. Well, two things come to my mind, meditation cannot be done on an empty and hungry stomach worrying about paying EMI’s  and if all you decide to renounce, what will you renounce? Desire or rather unfulfilled desire is one of the primary causes of rebirth. Of Course you need sense and action organs to chase these desires and in the process, you create karmas, because of your sense of doership. Now, we have to use the mind to fulfill all worldly desires and transcend it to realize the true self. It is very important to keep in mind the following criteria before we proceed to manifestation:

3. What is it exactly that you want to be different? If you want more money to come in the door, how much and how often? Do you want an extra $10,000 this year or every month? Do you want your business to gross an extra million or net an extra million? When? This month? This year? By next year’s end? You have to choose, or it becomes one of those “someday” goals (aka as a wish!).

How often in life have things in your life turned out differently than you imagined? A lot of the time? That’s a good thing! The truth is that we often limit our manifestation results by imagining a narrow spectrum of possibility that we think we want, thus restricting the amazing potentials that Life / The Universe could bring to us.

I also read the book and for the first exercise just asked the Universe for a sign that I 100% could not dispute. The next morning, I went to my desk to get some work done and turned on the radio. Guess what song was playing?? “Johanna” by Cool and the Gang!! It’s been YEARS since I heard that song. Since my name is Johanna, as they crooned “Johanna, I love You” I knew the Universe was telling me I was loved! I thought it was pretty awesome. 🙂

Researchers have also proved that what you hear influences your destiny and reshape your life. By just listening to these brainwaves you will become better person without any expensive yoga or meditation classes.


  1. Ida Bartlett

    It is natural for humans to go into a state of self-reflection especially when they reach a point in their life when every element burdens them more than what is normally expected. When we think about the difficult circumstances that every person is inevitable to suffer from, it is up to us to take charge of the situation. We should reevaluate our aims in life and figure out the point and purpose of our lives. It will be apparent that this thing is different for different people. You will feel as if this is lacking in a certain aspect that makes it feasible for you. Most people tend to deviate from the actual goal of manifestation and disregard the importance of indulging into a rhythm of co-operating and keeping up appearances with all that is in existence. After this, it will not be important to concern yourself with anything else. With the help of a program like 15 Minute Manifestation which comes with the goal of helping you achieve the level of manifestation where you are able to draw in whatever it is you wish to acquire in your lifetime.
    Esther and Jerry Hicks produce and present the leading-edge Abraham-Hicks teachings on the art of allowing our natural Well-Being to come forth.  They present Law of Attraction workshops in up to 60 cities a year.
    You have a full 60-day, 100% money back guarantee! If at any point during the 60 days, you decide it’s not for you, you can request for a full refund. Every penny. No hassle…not a single question. You don’t even have to return the product.

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