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15-Minute Manifestation program includes three distinct tracks that help you re-program your brain in many different ways. Basically, the sound in the tracks has the theta frequency, which acts as the perfect medium to activate the subconscious directly. It shows you that the secret to affirmations and manifestation is not a myth or scam, but rather a precise science, in itself. The theta frequency tracks have been composed by the best audio engineers who have compiled the baritone sounds of nature, including rain, ocean waves, wind, etc to create a uniquely different and immersive learning experience.

I admire the work you are trying to do to make your kids’ school a better place. And, your daughter’s idea to collect gently used team uniforms is brilliant. I have 4 of them, where can I donate them?

In this ground-breaking Master Class, I ​teach ​the Universal Principles of Manifestation and how to apply them in your life on a daily basis so that you can express your natural manifestation abilities. 

This can be done through affirmations and surrounding yourself in the energy of abundance. You can do this by dressing up in your best clothes, daily gratitude practice to be thankful for what you do have right now and also repeating mantras and affirmations that help to rewire your feelings about money. This can help so much to get you into the feeling space to welcome in prosperity. Feel worthy. 

“God sent all His Prophets into the world with one aim, to sow in the hearts of men love and goodwill, and for this great purpose, they were willing to suffer and to die. All the sacred Books were written to lead and direct man into the ways of love and unity; and yet, in spite of all this, we have the sad spectacle of war and bloodshed in our midst.”[10]

Read up on nutritional sciences. Do your research. Don’t take fad diets for granted. It’s much better to do your own legwork and find out for yourself what works best for you. T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study is a good place to start if you’re interested in learning about the correlation between health and common food products.

Track no.1: This one deals with your natural state. With this original track of 15 Minute Manifestation you will be able to enter into your minds true state of unlimited amount of abundances. With this initial track is the first step in following a life that you will easily be able to go through. This track will help you understand that concentrating on exertion is not the way of gaining a limitless amount abundance, as the editor explains. Your restrictive beliefs will be eliminated with this recording. This audio works in changing the limiting beliefs that exist in your minds that hinder the process of manifestation. It returns you to your true mindset from when you are born so that you are no longer shackled by common belief.

Action Item: To tune into your intuitions, try a new daily visualization exercise that involves focusing on your core. Picture light or heat in the center of your body, where you’ll often feel the most intense, instant emotional responses to events.

To upgrade the procedure, you can make reflection simple, by utilizing a Brain Sync program to offer assistance. Simply tune into your picked program, and you will normally get to a thoughtful state. You’ll discover a few suggestions toward the finish of this article.

Action Item: Think of all the reasons you genuinely love money. Some good examples include “I love money because it allows me to do good in this world”, and “I love money because it gives me freedom” (but it’s important to make sure the list reflects your thoughts).

I have had a lot of trouble reading and understanding Esther and Jerry Hick’ s bestselling “Ask and It Is Given” since I bought it two years ago. In my quest to better understand the Law of Attraction, purchasing dozens of books on the subject, I decided to buy this. I am glad I did. This cuts right to the chase. I thought I was buying a book but it’s really a book of 365 quotes for each day of the year to help, if not train you, to condition your mind on just how the Law of Attraction works. They are wonderful quotes that cut to the chase of what Esther and Jerry Hicks try to explain in “Ask and It Is Given” but without the mumbo jumbo. This is a review for the Kindle edition and it is just wonderful! Other reviewers here have said there are pictures but they must be referring to the hardcover and paperback edition. I have not come across any pictures or drawings yet. I’m enjoying this so much I might end up getting the hardcover edition.

Once you order the 15-Minute Manifestation, you can download the program immediately, and start using it to see the results for yourself… Whether its bushels of money… Financial freedom… Love and relationships… …or anything you would like to have in your dream life.

I’m so on a roll right now…LOVE IT! Took my little guy to another appointment today. Although I brought snacks with me, I did’t eat them. I was too busy carrying little man in his car seat and wishing I had brought his stroller instead. I was so hungry! I kept thinking about other snacks but I had no money. I would walk by a little stand and think about what I could get from there if I had some change on me.

You don’t attract into your life what you want. You don’t attract what you think about. You don’t attract what you feel. Desires, thoughts, and feelings are all important, but these are more effects than causes.

You will face obstacles on the path. It happens. You don’t get to choose which obstacles you face or when, but you do get to choose how to respond. Forgive yourself if your first decision didn’t get you where you wanted to go. Remind yourself that you made the best decision you could at that point in time, and then use your experience to make a better decision the next time.

This made me think of my money manifesting stories and how they came about. And all of them had the same type of energy behind them … a feeling of “knowing” it’s happening, really feeling how that would feel when already having it and most of all for me “letting go of the outcome and not being so attached to it happening”. I’m thinking of one in particular where I had accumulated some debt (something I never had done) and I was getting all caught up in the fact that I had never done that before and every time I looked at the debt I didn’t like it. So, I had to make peace with it, know it was just temporary and I really trusted completely and fully that it would be handled by the Universe. Without even asking, one day my parents told me to look in my back account … and there was a deposit for $25,000! I can’t even describe to you what that felt like – but you can imagine it was the most yummiest and pleasantly surprising feeling! And I know the only reason why that happened was because I let go of the attachment and lack feelings around that debt and trusted that all was well and it was just temporary. It literally came from “out of the blue” with my parents! How cool is that?!


  1. Ida

    Your headphones will be just fine. I use Bose over-ear headphones, but that’s because they’re noise cancelling and they’re great for using on flights. Using in-ear headphones will be just fine for the 15 minute manifestation tracks.
    It’s a complete shift in your consciousness which will fundamentally change every aspect of your life! The moment you realize you have everything is the moment you stop projecting fear and need, and start radiating contentment and joy.
    Recent studies in quantum physics suggest that it’s possible to create a new reality by changing the subject of your attention. Your attention is what converts those latent subatomic particles that make up matter into solid objects of your choice, be it a dream house, a car, or even a successful business. Now you must be thinking, why you’re not rich when you are always searching for ways to augment your income? Or why you haven’t you found your true love despite spending hours on internet dating sites? Well, the answer that follows below will never leave you skeptical about the concept of manifestation again!
    In my last article “The Law of Attraction is Real, but It’s Not an Absolute,” I explained that while your thoughts do shape your reality, just because you want something and believe the Universe is going to send it to you, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.
    You’ve probably had an easier life than Eddie, too. Stricken with brain cancer as a kid, he spent his early years in extreme pain, at times literally wishing for death. His family was also extremely poor, which forced an older (now cancer-free) Eddie to sell fruit as the sole means of support for his family.

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