“how to make law of attraction work instantly how to manifest good things in your life”

Your case might be different, but regardless of how you intend to earn the money, the principles stay the same. Just keep it simple, you don’t need to know everything at first, the Universe through its mysterious ways will bring the good that you desire in many unpredictable and unexpected ways.

It has been said that giving is receiving – and that works well for attracting wealth in your life, too. Rich people donate money to charities all the time, and that is exactly what you should be doing as well.

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You will learn the art of hemispheric brain synchronization, i.e the phenomenon where both left and right hemispheres of the brain work in harmony with each other. With the help of simple exercises and powerful sound intonations, you will be able to activate your brain significantly and sync up both the hemispheres for a more optimal functioning of the mind.

So just remember that the Universe has a divine plan for everyone and sometimes it takes some growing pains to weed out the things that are no longer serving us. (For example, getting fired from the job we were miserable at, getting dumped from the unsatisfying relationship etc.) Remember–you asked for a change! And you’re getting it, so don’t cling to the past out of fear. It’s time to jump.

Track 3: Moving Towards Abundance: The third track will reverse your cycle of the negative things and fears in your life. You will naturally get the unlimited possibility and move consciously “playing” with your life experience of reality.

Additionally, Eddie Sergey is offering 60-days ‘No Question Asked’ money back guarantee to all those people who want to give it a genuine try. I can say from my experience that only people who have confidence on their work can offer such guarantee.

You will learn secrets to having positive and self-affirmative talks with your inner self, in order to accelerate the natural healing power of your body. It’s almost like hypnotizing your subconscious mind by using a combination of the right words and frequency.

The fun part about this is that it all works automatically in the background.  It’s your auto-pilot.  When you have mastered changing your subconscious beliefs and energy around money, you have mastered how to attract money on new levels.

Your Highest Self is not just an idea that sounds lofty and spiritual. It is a way of being. It is the very first principle that you must come to understand and embrace as you move toward attracting to you that which you want and need for this parenthesis in eternity that you know as your life.

Thank you for stopping by. Your subconscious mind causes everything in your life believe it or not. So It can for sure cure your nightmares. This program really will help you to get to the next level with your mind. Its all about controlling your subconscious one step at a time. It will take a while, but thats what the audios are for. I would highly recommend testing it out for yourself, but go all in and be committed. Hope you have a great week.

This is why you should listen to the tracks often. Those negative thoughts won’t go away overnight, but with persistence and belief when listening to the tracks, you will start to feel the abundance flow into your life and with the positivity of the subliminal messages, you will feel the energy arriving.

Opportunities, gifts and blessings come to me quickly and in the most unexpected ways.  It’s amazing to watch the Universe deliver my goals and desires so easily.  I highly recommend his techniques to experience the abundance that is there for all of us once we have the tools to move beyond obstacles and live in gratitude and resonance with Source.”

Learning to sense and control the vibrational frequencies you’re emitting is powerful stuff. Once you really get this, you can intentionally shift your frequency at will to experience what you desire.

The 15 Minute Manifestation is a combination of theta waves and natural sounds designed to push your brain into a deep meditative state. These tones contain guided meditation that speak directly to your brain, upgrading your subconscious.

I have three children who went to Zena elementary school (on Sawkill rd. At Woodstock border.) You may know about it …how our school was closed in June. It has been a very challenging year , and I have been wishing for a better school to magically present itself as another option.

I ordered dinner, online, at Pizza Hut (love their garlic parmesan wings) – pizza and several orders of wings. It was Wing Wednesday, so each order was nearly $3 off, PLUS I had a 20% off coupon. I was happy about all that. While I usually order online to have my order ready for pick-up, it rarely works that way….last night was no different. The man placed a pizza box in front of me and a small container. I looked at him and said “excuse me, that is supposed to be 6 orders of wings”. (Wings freeze very well!) Yes, someone made a mistake. Long story a bit shorter…..I would need to wait another 10 – 15 minutes, however, he offered me another discount ON TOP of the ones I already had!!! All in all, I saved about $15 on my order!!! Yes, I left a tip, too – would have done that anyway with a nearly $40 order, $15 saved was a great show of abundance, quickly! Thank you, Ms. Daniels for such a FUN book!!! I cannot wait to start using some of the manifestation exercises on a regular basis!

It is Scientific: The program is based on an aspect of science known as quantum physics. It deals with the waves that determine how the brain works and how they can be manipulated for one purpose or the other. It is not magic.

I wish to point out that in my three plus years of living in Colorado Springs, I have never found money or had money appear to me in the way it has materialized to me in the last month. This all happened after I applied the techniques that are mentioned in the book.

You can make whatever you choose to show. In actuality, you can make out of nothing. You’re as of now uncovering the life and conditions which right now encompass you. You can change these things and show something other than what’s expected. All it takes is a mystery fixing.

Note: This is the second review I’ve written for the 15 Minute Manifestation program. The first review was for the version that included a voice-over on the tracks, (I kinda ripped it apart a little!) But, since then, an updated version of 15 Minute Manifestation has been released that does NOT include the voice over…the reason given later.

For example, if you’re looking to create more income or manifest a big payday, you need to plan around that expectation. Imagine when someone tells you that they’re coming to visit and they’ll be staying at your house in the guest bedroom. You plan your life in accordance with that expected outcome. You prepare the bedroom, clean the house, wash the sheets, and so on.

If you’re having trouble finding a specific method to reach a given goal, it’s possible your goal isn’t specific enough. For instance, writing a goal as vague as “Be successful!” is going to leave you in the dust when it comes to thinking up tangible methods. Rather, try to focus it in so that you might better grasp a means of reaching it. Possible changes could be “Be more successful with musical performance” or “Be more successful in my personal relationships.”

Just saw your website. Is it geared only towards women or can men take advantage of your expertise and tools that you give. I really want to manifest a lot of money, because I believe that I am entitled to.

The stress is only going to slow down the manifestation process. It sends the vibration of scarcity, which is the opposite of abundance, and also, strengthening your unconscious conditioning of “I can’t make it”; “there is not enough”; “I’m running out of money”.

Your OLD story has been sabotaging the financial breakthroughs you know you SHOULD have already experienced. So, when The Editor “learns” your NEW story, all of the negative circumstances that used to own your attention… just naturally fall away, and get replaced with what you really want. And obviously, the more you observe, in your current reality, what you really want, the faster you’ll gain an incredible amount of momentum towards getting… MORE of that!

Not really a review that can be used for anything. If you haven’t used the program as it is inteted, why write a review at all? And writing that i should disregard what you write about the voice, because it has been changed, makes no sense, when all you write is colored by your annoyance about the voice.

If you follow this strategy without omitting any single step, you will start attracting whatever you want and it will begin to manifest. Have a great combination of clear idea of what you want, a specific goal with a time frame, high level of desire, high intensity of belief, frequent visualization and repetition of your positive thoughts to attract and manifest whatever you desire in your life.

You face frustration, fear, and even loss if you don’t use the Law of Attraction for money. What are people doing to attract money, like you want to do? This book was created to give you the secrets that are often missing in books about the Law of Attraction and money, yet are vital for success. This includes:

This is one program that doesn’t require you to indulge in heavy learning or hard-work in order to achieve desirable outcomes. In fact, you don’t have to learn anything at all! All you have to do is find a quiet spot in your home, plug on the headphones and listen to the audio CD for a full 15 minutes each day, that’s it.

You are able to achieve success in your life ONLY when you let go your self-limiting beliefs. Reading hundreds of books on manifestation don’t change anything in your life until you remove self-limiting beliefs from your life. Eddie Sergey created theta brainwaves that remove these self-limiting beliefs from your body.

In order to shift your equilibrium, you need to break the old equilibrium. This means you must create a lasting disconnect between your current vibration and the environmental vibrations that are compatible with it.

Contains 3 Audio Tracks and 1 Bonus Track: The 15 Minute Manifestation reviews program is a combination of carefully recorded audio tracks. There are arranged sequentially to help you become a more positive-minded person so that you can achieve all your positive desires.


  1. Ida

    Last night I looked at the stars and specifically requested for something to come to my life and take me out of the blue mood ASAP. I have an oncology check up appointment today, working on letting go of some past family hurts, had a busy weekend… I guess it all ganged up on me… Your e-mail this morning is for me the answer/manifestation. Thank you Kris!
    Kenneth from PowerThoughts Meditation Club is a professional hypnotherapist and will guide you through this with hypnotic language combined with powerful affirmations that will supercharge your manifesting energies and make you a MAGNET to GENIUS IDEAS and OPPORTUNITIES that will manifest money NOW.
    But you won’t actually hear the tones. Instead, you’ll listen to original nature sounds. Eddie recorded a variety of natural noises including rain, ocean waves, wind, stream beds and more. While your subconscious is reacting to the Theta tones, your conscious mind will feel relaxed by the nature sounds.
    The Law Of Attraction is a universal spiritual law that is always active, even if you are not aware of it or decide not to learn how it works. There is a spiritual aspect of many manifesting money that is often ignored. What value do you give to money at a soul level? What value does having more money give you as a spiritual being? 
    On the night before opening day, I asked for the weather to be dry and beautiful, like Autumn, so that the guests would be comfortable. And what a gorgeous, pleasantly cool day it was! My second wish was to be able to talk to everyone that visited. There were so many people (an amazing three hundred guests!) that the day is a blur but I do hope I was able to approach everyone. My third wish or thought was that I would be happy to be able to sell two or three paintings. Throughout the opening, each time a sale was made, the gallery owner, Sam Ruest, would announce “May I have your attention please? Painting #9 of the Queen Anne’s Lace series has sold! Congratulations, Allison.” Then Sam would proceed to shake my father’s hand. After the sixth announcement I lost it. I was overwhelmed that there was a connection so strong that people were actually buying the paintings. I sold eighteen pieces that day and four more in the weeks following. I am still flying from that day and from the outpouring of love and support from my friends and family and new connections. My wishes came true!

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