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Manifestation has become a buzzword lately. Though it’s totally awesome that the law of attraction is now trendy, it also can be a bit misleading for folks who are unwilling to do the heavy lifting. If you truly want to use your energetic power to manifest greatness, you must clear all that blocks you from believing in your greatness.

It is shameful to see some reviewers are just writing their review without going through the program themselves. They even don’t put any glance before writing their reviews. Although they are doing it for making commission but what ‘value’ they are bringing to their readers?

The problem that faces most of us in becoming manifesters and learning to manage the circumstances of our lives is that we have forfeited our ability to oscillate between the world of form and the unseen world. We are conditioned to believe that we are only of the seen world. Here’s where that most important thought comes in: Within you is a divine ability to manifest and attract all that you need or desire. It is more than within you.

If you’re currently stuck in a scarcity mentality, it’s time to start training yourself out of it. Let’s take gratitude to the next level and train yourself to be thankful, even when it comes to paying your bills.

The investment of this product does not have a complicated structure. The investment is straight to the point and you get what you pay for. The 15 Minute Manifestation product is paid for with a one-time cost. 

This morning, I put all that money into a clear container and placed the container where it would be directly in my eyeline as I’m working. The container is three-quarters full of money so, every time I look up, I am looking at an abundance of money that is already in my possession! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really need to sink yourself into this and not just treat it with skepticism. Over time, you will begin to see changes and when they happen, your belief strengthens. Patience, perseverance and belief are huge parts to successful manifesting, but the journey makes it all worth while.

Once again, it is a level of belief 8 or above which will manifest for you what you want in life. So if your belief level is not very high for a particular goal or desire, don’t bother to apply Law of Attraction at this stage. You may re-adjust your goal using the SMART goal setting technique.

Let me state it categorically that the methods used adopted by 15 Minute Manifestation Eddie Sergey have been scientifically proven to work. It worked for him and have also recorded some success on other users. It is a scientific process that reconditions your mind to think and act positively on your dreams and desires.

Approaching money from a point of neediness or scarcity will prevent you from manifesting money. You’re much better off approaching it from a point of curiosity and excitement. Think of how a child views the world – everything is new and fun. The world is filled with possibilities. Embrace that state of childlike wonder. The results are pretty spectacular!

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I have manifested so many amazing things into my life, and have always been aware of how I can get pretty much get anything I want. I’m from the UK, but wanted to live in AZ, after several years, I finally met my now husband, and we have an incredible 3 year old daughter. I wanted to work in a Montessori school, and do the training, but the only AMI training was in San Diego or Colorado, and I couldn’t do that til my daughter was older. She is at an amazing school, and one day asked if there were any available assistant positions. there wasn’t, but only a couple of days later, one opened up, and within 24 hrs, I had the job. At the interview, they informed me that they now have AMI training at the school and would I be interested in doing it. Heck yes! I’ve been wanting my husband to move out of the contracting world, and a family came into our lives, that just so happened to be able to get him a foot in the door, to a steady, stable career, with benefits. Now I’m trying to manifest being debt free, and move to a new house in the area. So that big glob of cash in on my list 🙂

This isn’t to say that it will be easy for you to accomplish all of these things. It takes practice to adjust your vibrational frequency correctly, so be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t manifested in a day. 🙂

Absolutely. 15 Minute Manifestation is based on research from London College University in addition to well-established quantum physics facts. There have been studies all over the world showing the benefits of utilizing the tones featured in 15 Minute Manifestation.

Oh my Lisa, your photo’s capture so much love and energy and the persona of the gorgeous animals. I have seen nothing like this before… Sending you and your wonderful organisation love and energy from Australia…

I choose to call this product legit because this is a real product that you are buying. Secondly, the pricing of the product is not structured in any way like most scam products. Further, this product has a proven scientific backing. 

Manifesting the things we desire in life is relatively easy as much as it might not seem like it at times. As the beautiful human beings we are, we sometimes get in the way of ourselves and create soulful detours (often painful) in order to stay in our comfort zones. But do you know where the magic happens? Yep, you guessed it…

I consider Cameron my secret weapon against anything that would keep me from walking my highest destiny.  In his classes, you have the opportunity to break out of old patterns that no longer serve you, and free yourself to truly embody the Inner You.  

Affirmations are a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind and attract what you desire. Write a list of empowering beliefs that you want to have, such as: I am enough. I am powerful. I am loved. I am financially secure. I am divinely guided and inspired. I am complete and beautiful exactly as I am. Make sure you feel them as you say them. Feeling is the secret ingredient.

My favorite part about the exercise you shared is that it introduces the first step of the process — acknowledgement. Many times I never acknowledge what my desires are. Once they get thrust out into the universe — whoa, step back! ‘Cause that’s when the magic starts to happen!

Suppose for some reason you cannot bring your level of faith to a high level, you need to re-write your goal. If you were to answer the question that what is your belief that you can make 90,000 dollars (instead of 120,000 dollars), your answer comes 6 or may be 7. Now the next question could be what about 80,000 dollars and you jump out saying “Yes, my belief is 9 on 10 that within 45 days from now I can start an activity which will take me to that level”. Well then that’s it! Please re-adjust your goal to make 90,000 dollars in a year, starting 45 days from now. see How to become a Millionaire – Core Principles.

When manifesting money, start small and work up to larger amounts. See it as a score you’re aiming to increase, but don’t put larger amounts on a pedestal by assuming they’re more difficult to manifest.

Eddie targets the people who either feel they cannot get love, or cannot get money or peace. There is no doubt that each and everybody suffers from one of the core factors that the product claims to solve. You may have enough money but have health complications. 

So unlike the program that I used, this updated one is just plain sounds with no efforts required from your side, that is more convenient because you don’t have to stay conscious while listening to the audio.


  1. Ida

    However, those techniques CAN work for a small percentage of people:  Those who are already successful and happy in life and business, and who truly believe that they deserve even more success.  For everyone else, a more nuanced and effective system is needed.
    Lovely beginner’s article. I would also add to this article that all matter being energy can be attracted by our own energy- that energy we call emotions. We should idntify our emotions and where they are felt- Anger in the head or the heart, love in the head or fear in the stomach. We should then master those emotions by recreating the ‘feeling in the body’. For example, if we are not feeling loving, but angry we should push that anger down from the head to the heart and change it from a pressing and painful to a fluffy and open… Now – after you have mastered to willingly and consciously managing the body energies, now you are ready to begin manifesting. Also, I would add that it is good to write a precise ‘shopping list’ for the universe. The more precise, the longer it takes to organize, but the surprise and mix comes out really well. By long it could mean seconds or years, depending on your belief. A million is as fast as a button
    Always try to remain positive about your manifestation and remind yourself that you can be happy without it. This is, in short, letting go of attachments to the result. This is a very important topic and I’ve dedicated to it a separate post here.
    Through the effective 15 Minute Manifestation Mp3 track, you will learn amazing ways of improving the observation power of your brain for understanding what is missing in your life and the reason for the same. As such, you would be accelerated to think in a subconscious manner and act in the same manner for benefiting your needs, desires, and dreams by removing all the possible hurdles of life.

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